Teacher Introduction of Sujit-sauryayoga


在心被挖空的那一刻,瑜伽默默地出現,填滿了生活中的空白,但卻成為折磨身體的工具,跟壓抑情緒的手段,彷彿一天沒練習四五個小時以上,整個世界馬上會因此而崩壞瓦解,雖然表面看似平靜,但底下卻暗潮洶湧,常常無預警地遭受海嘯般的負面情緒侵襲;直到開始茹素,直到遇見 Ashtanga,直到投身 Mysore 的練習,黑暗的枷鎖慢慢透出光線,瑜伽真正的面容才漸漸顯露出來。
瑜伽敎導的第一課是 Ahimsa (不暴力)。藉由茹素,我們對生命不暴力、對世界不暴力;藉由有紀律、有覺知的練習,我們對身體不暴力;藉由不斷的練習與不執著,我們學習對心靈不暴力。

瑜伽敎導的第二課是 Satya (真實)。瑜伽經 II-46 指出,體位法 (Asanam) 是穩定 (Sthira) 而舒適 (Sukham) 的姿勢,Asana 的梵文意思是「坐」,而非高難度的技巧。用體位法來鍛鍊身體,讓我們能真實面對外在的不完美,接受現實並勇敢面對;用體位法來鍛鍊心靈,讓我們能真實面對內在的不完美,慢慢放下種種執著與習氣。

現代人生活步調緊湊,家庭及工作壓力繁重,造成身心靈不平衡,最後產生各種身心病狀;透過正確的瑜伽練習,盼能從基本姿勢的調整,將學生內外在的衝突慢慢減少;瑜伽的練習不是在課堂上模仿動作,或只是拉拉筋,而是透過瑜伽來找到與身體的連結,與心靈的連結,與高我的連結,進一步生活在以靈性引導人性的真實快樂裡。希望能秉持傳承的信念走在瑜伽的道路上,讓人們回到應該有的樣子。 Practice, practice, and all is coming. ~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915/7/26~2009/5/18).



From the moment my heart was evacuated, yoga quietly made the entry to fill up the blanks in life, but it also became a tool to torture my body and means to suppress my emotions, as if my world will immediately crumble down without practicing four or five hours a day. I was seemingly at peace at the surface, while the undercurrent was turbulent and I was constantly attacked by the tidal waves of negative emotions out of the blue. Not until I became a vegetarian, encountered Ashtanga, and dedicated myself to Mysore practice, did the light slowly seep in through the shackle of darkness, and then the real face of yoga gradually reveal itself.
The first lesson of Yoga is “Ahimsa (non-violence)”; by being vegetarian, we don’t cause violence to life and to the world; by practicing with disciplines and awareness, we don’t cause violence to our body; by practicing undisrupted and non-attachment, we learn not to cause violence to our mind.
The second lesson of Yoga is “Satya (Truth)”. Yoga Sutra II-46 said that asanam is a steady (Sthira) and comfortable (Sukham) posture, and the Sanskrit meaning of “Asana” is “sitting”, rather than an advanced technique. Training our body with Asana allows us to truthfully face the external imperfection, to accept and bravely face the reality; training our mind with Asana allows us to face the internal imperfection, to slowly let go of all attachments and bad habits.
In modern society, the compacted life pace, the heavy pressure in family and at work all lead to the imbalance of our body, mind, and soul, which eventually resulted in all kinds of physical and mental illness. I am hoping to slowly reduce students’ internal and external conflicts by adjusting basic postures through practicing yoga correctly. Yoga practice is not imitations of movements in class or merely stretching, it is to find the connection with your own body, mind, and higher self through yoga, and then further to live in the genuine happiness where spirituality guides human nature. I hope I am walking on the journey of yoga, holding the faith that I can pass on, and bring people back to what we should be.
Practice, practice, and all is coming. ~ Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915/7/26~2009/5/18).



*美國瑜伽聯盟資深登記瑜伽教師 (E-RYT200)
*臼井靈氣大師級 by Linda Jean Horton
*雪白治療大師級 by Linda Jean Horton



*Certified Yoga Teacher
*E-RYT 200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
*Senior Citizen Functional Fitness Inspector (Aerobic Fitness & Health Association of R. O. C.)
*International Active Aging Fitness Instructor (Aerobic Fitness & Health Association of R. O. C.)
*Professional Ukulele Teacher Training (National Taiwan Normal University)
*Usui Reiki Master Level by Linda Jean Horton
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