Teacher Introduction of Sujit-sauryayoga


我認為,練習瑜伽,就是練習寧定,練習 幸福。 我的體位法教學,以阿斯坦伽的體位法順 序為基礎,輔以⾃我進修時所學習的技術 與知識,再根據教室與學⽣的實際狀況調 整練習的節奏與內容。在健康⾯上,個⼈ ⾮常重視呼吸與⾝體正位,我相信,瑜伽 體位法所帶給⾃⾝的效果,⽐起某⼀個流 派的固定套路或看法更為重要。在⼼靈⾯ 上,我期許學員們能在體位法練習的過程 中更認識⾃⼰,找到安⼼的感覺。 我希望⾃⼰的課程,能夠讓每⼀位⾛進教 室的學⽣得到照顧與滋養。當他們⾛出教 室的時候,有更強壯的信⼼和勇氣回到⽣活。


Be Thankful to Your Daily Practice

In my opinion, practicing yoga is to practicing being poised and happy. My asana teaching is based on Ashtange asana sequence, backed up by the techniques and knowledge I learned from my own studies, and I would further adjust the rhythm and contents according to the actual conditions of the classroom and the students. On health aspect, I personally emphasize breathing and body alignment, and I also believe that, the effects yogic asana bring to self are much more important than the set style or viewpoint of a certain group. On spiritual aspect, I wish all students can know more about themselves and feel grounded during the process of asana practice. I hope my class is able to take care and nourish each student that walks into the classroom, and after they walk out of the classroom, they can have stronger faith and courage to return to life.