Teacher Introduction of Sujit-sauryayoga

對任何體育項目都不在行的我,在2007年接觸瑜珈後,每一天我總是期待著瑜珈練習。在瑜珈裡我喜歡站姿體位法裡的穩定紮實,前彎時謙遜低頭也誠實的看進自己,然後扭轉之後腦中千迴百轉的思緒好像變得簡單,倒立及平衡時腦袋與心的平靜專注,讓我真實的感受當下。 瑜珈沒有改變身邊的任何人與事,但自從我練習瑜珈開始它讓我一點一滴的慢慢變得開朗,也讓我找到笑容在我自己的臉上。


I wasn’t good at any sports, now I expect to stand on my yoga mat everyday since 2007 I started my first yoga practice. I like to find stillness in standing asanas; I like to look into myself in forward bends; I like everything seems to be simpler after a twist; I enjoy nothing in my mind but only present while I’m upside down. Yoga doesn’t change things around me, but since I practice yoga I become more discipline, optimistic and open minded.