Teacher Introduction of Sujit-sauryayoga










Yoga plays a very important part of my life. I started practicing yoga at the age of 9, and there is a small story behind how I started my yogic journey.When I was 9, I had a health problem. Physically speaking, I was not as strong as children of my same age. So my mother took me to the doctor. During my treatment, the doctor told my mother that I didn’t need to take so much medicine. Instead, I should start doing yoga in order to gradually become stronger.So my mother took me to yoga class, and that’s when I started doing yoga. From then on, I have never suffered from any health problem again. In addition, my body became very flexible, and I was able to perform many asanas quite easily within 2 or 3 years.Later, I started participating in yoga competitions. I won the National Yoga Championship of India for four times, with the gold, silver and bronze medals all in my prize collection. Furthermore, I also won the silver and bronze medals in the Asian Yoga Championship held in Malaysia.

It has been five years since I started teaching Yoga in India. I studied a lot about yoga and received a lot of training, too. Besides young people, I also taught yoga to kids and elder ones in India. Then I got an opportunity to teach in Taiwan, which I really look forward to because I want to explore deeper into the field of yoga. Like it is said, “teaching is the best way to learn”. That’s why I want to teach, because I want to learn from my teaching. My future plan is to learn more about yoga, connect with more people, encourage them to practice yoga and inform them of the benefits of yoga. I will talk about the benefits that yoga can bring to anybody’s body, mind and soul, the benefits which I myself have experienced. I would like to spread the awareness of yoga, and this would be the best way to find my true self in this world.