Sujit-Sauryayoga 索莉雅太陽瑜珈Event 把愛送到恆春 Sending LOVE to Henchen !

把愛送到恆春 Sending LOVE to Henchen !

Sending LOVE to Henchen with a warm loving gesture of LUNCH!

開學了, 在偏遠的恆春山上的牡丹國小仍缺乏午餐費, 為此, 協會特別發起一人一溫馨,送午餐到牡丹的活動, 募款活動中特別邀請到關懷兒童的印度瑜珈老師Sujit免費贊助兩堂瑜珈課程,他沒有收取任何酬勞,只想為偏遠兒童盡一份心力,也希望你能一起發揮愛心,只要你在9/21日前不限金額捐款到協會, 將可以免費參加Sujit老師的瑜珈課程.此次我們的募款目標為2萬元,希望能結合大家的愛心,把溫馨午餐情送給孩子們

Schools just began, the lack of lunch fees for the primary school students of Mutan are still needed at the remote mountain areas in Hengchen, the southern part of Taiwan. In view of this, the Association has specially organize a well-meant activity by raising lunch fund for such purposes. In order to enhance the activity, the Association will specially invites Master Sujit,India yoga teacher, who has shown caring for those children, and who also wants to be part of this meaningful activity, to provide two classes of Yoga, free of charge and he does not get any reward. We sincerely hope, you will express your loving care by joining us, as well. Anyone who donates / contributes any amount of money, before September 21, will be able to join Master Sujit free Yoga class. Our fund raising target is NTD 20,000. Dear all, we really hope to have each and everyone’s full support, and let us all join hands in sending our love, in the form of giving these children free lunch.

特別備註 Special Note:

你可以選擇日期.9月28日早上10:30-11:30, 9月29日下午2:00-3:00
2. 請自備瑜珈墊及毛巾
3. 上課地點另行通知
1.Due to the classroom size limitation, each class can only accommodate 10~15 people; therefore, in accordance of the in-coming donation(s), we will adopt first come first serve, and invite you to come for the Yoga class. You are allowed to choose your own date.
2.Please bring along your own Yoga mattress and towel.
3.The place for holding the Yoga class will be announced later.



NTD 37,000




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