Comment by C.HU

好久好久都沒這樣的深呼吸了!!! 前年因著僵質性脊椎炎我胸腔發炎到只能小口小口,小心翼翼的呼吸,常常因著變換肢勢而需要忍受疼痛,而更沒辦法好好呼吸,很羨慕可以輕鬆深呼吸的人。幸好找到一位非常好的物理治療師,幫助我改善,但我知道我這是疾病是不能只依靠物理治療師的幫助,而是自己要努力運動讓自己不僵硬。但是只要動就會痛,這讓我很矛盾,又加上自己也不清楚哪些動作會傷到自己,往往等到發現時已來不及,要花許多時間休息恢復。
起初很猶豫是否自己身體受得了瑜珈的伸展,畢竟之前受傷過,但在家人及朋友的鼓勵下上了Sujit大師上的課。 記得第一堂課大多的動作不標準也跟不上,但Sujit大師發現我有狀況,不但在旁示範,也提醒我要時時注意自己的情況,雖然上完後全身痠痛,但是身體明顯的感覺鬆很多。

It’s been a long time that I cannot breathe deeply!!! Because the AS disease, for years I could only breathe shortly with caution. My thoracic muscles were all inflamed and caused strong pain when breath ing. It’s a luxury for me to breathe especially when I needed to resist the pain for every movement of the body. So I really dream that someday I can breathe normally like anybody else.
I am fortunate to find a chiropractor that helped me improve my condition, however I know that I should not only depend on my chiropractor’s help but also need to do some stretch by my own to better strengthen my muscles and release the stiffness. But I am always in a dilemma since I don’t know what kind of stretch will hurt me until I am wounded. As a result, I need to spend more time resting for recovery.
At the beginning I was hesitant to join the yoga class; after all, I had wounded myself in a yoga class years before. After the encouragement of my family and friend, I joined Master Sujit class. I remember that during the fist class, I could not do the postures correctly nor follow the class tempo, and Master Sujit noted my condition and showed me the postures by my side and kept reminding me to observe the condition of my body. Although after the class my body soars but I noted that my muscles are loose and relax.
The disease that I have changes symptoms constantly, sometimes I can do some posture in this class but not in the next class. But Master Sujit always teaches me alternative posture so I can happily keep going with the alternative postures to improve my stiffness and not feeling that I am behind the class.
Gradually, I noted some changes in my body after every class; I noted that I can now walk in big steps! One day I noted that I can stand longer with one foot, another day I discovered that I have my shoulders more open; I also can better twist my waist. Days before I noted that now I can inhale more air to my lungs and even air to my abdomen. I was really excited to be able to breathe deeply.
I am grateful for having this disease, because it taught me to be grateful and appreciate everything I have now and also understand the value of every recovery period. Having Master Sujit reminders and assistance, my body and I became friends!