Comment by P.TAO

I am very grateful to Fiona for her recommendation, who made me walk into the world of yoga.
I am very fortunate here, as I met master Sujit. When I just started to practice, I always walked nervously into the classroom , as I had have several surgeries due to my health problems. Master Sujit is a very nice person. He always has good understanding for special students like me. He guided me gently again and again. After a half year of practice, my physical movements are still behind the other classmates. I, however, make considerable progress and breakthrough when compared with how I was six months ago. As for the body and soul, I realized the meaning of “unlimited possibility~~” I can only attend morning class on Mondays, due to my tight schedule. However, this only class always makes me smile to embrace the beautiful week.

很感恩費歐娜的引荐讓我走入瑜珈的世界裡在這裡~ 我很幸運遇見明師: Sujit Kumar
Sujit 老師人很好,總能體會像我這樣的特殊生.一次一次的輕柔指導
⋯⋯ 這半年下來~,肢體動作雖然無法與同學相提並論,若跟自己相比,算是有相當大的進步與突破.在身心靈的部份,更讓自己體悟到什麼叫做 “無限的可能~~”
礙於時間因素,只能上每週一的晨課,然而~ 這堂課後總能讓我微笑的迎接美的一週