Sujit-Sauryayoga 索莉雅太陽瑜珈專欄 意料之外,瑜珈送給我的一份禮物-看見自己的身心蛻變


文/Usha Namakkal Sundaram




哦!我還學習到一件事,練習過程中如果過度勉強或沒有專心聽從指示就匆促挑戰一些較為進階的動作是非常容易受傷的。所以,永遠都要注意聽從老師的指導,如同 Master Sujit說的『了解你的極限,在極限內做到最好,不要讓瑜珈練習變成折騰自己的方式。』

It’s amazing how yoga transforms us both physically and mentally. I started practicing yoga to gain inner peace and mental strength. 

Once I started doing it on a regular basis, I realized it has plenty of benefits.
One of many such benefits is, it helps us to face our fears and overcome it. I was so scared of Sirsasana (Head stand pose) for a long time. I still remember that I almost screamed in the class when Teacher Tamal helped me to do it the first time.. I didn’t dare to even try it for so long. But now I can do it on my own (even though I still need wall support for now, I’m sure I’ll get there one day) and more importantly I enjoy doing it 🙂

Thanks to our Master and teachers for helping us in every step to overcome our (both physical & mental) challenges and to become a better person.

And what makes yoga more fun and important for me is, that I get to watch myself grow, even if it’s a tiny growth. And this makes me happy. After all, it is always good to grow, right?  And growing together with our friends is more fun..

Oh.. another thing I learnt is, it is easy to get injured if we overdo or don’t pay attention when doing some challenging postures. 
So, it’s always better to listen to what our teacher says. 

As master Sujit says “Know your limits. Try your best. Do not torture yourself”