Sujit-Sauryayoga 索莉雅太陽瑜珈專欄 心靈饗宴 我的瑜珈心靈饗宴,從瑜珈課探索心靈角落






I wouldn’t have been able to develop a deeper understanding of my life and myself if I hadn’t started my yoga journey. I deeply believe yoga is just a way, a bridge that connects us; what really matters is the people who work at Sujit-Sauryayoga because they truly warmed my heart. I’m so grateful to Master Sujit, for gathering us all together through yoga. Thanks to him, everything is becoming better.

I’m really lucky to have met yoga and Master Sujit in my life. I’ve never practiced and had absolutely no idea about yoga before. However, after joining Sujit-sauryayoga, I was impressed by the bright classroom, the peaceful space, the professional teaching teams, the humble and reliable instructor, Master Sujit, and my friendly yoga classmates. I started to find yoga interesting and magical, as if it could change people and allow them to actually reach happiness.

By attending classes, I’ve gradually been understanding the essence of yoga. I see the reason why Master Sujit is so persistent in yoga instruction, and I also see the reason why my fellows never miss a single class even though they need to work, take care of kids, and travel long distances to the yoga center. I’ve learned that we all gather together for the same reason: we’d like to relax and nourish our souls, and we’re positive that yoga classes would give us the courage to live our life healthily and happily with passion.

I feel really, really blessed to have joined this big family, and I’ve learned and grown so much by practicing yoga. Everything happens for a reason. I believe that we only met one another because we were destined to. This journey, where I’m always accompanied by Master Sujit and yoga, has been the most rewarding one in my life. Thank you all.